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Things you must know about IP addresses

An IP address or “Internet Protocol” address is the ubiquitous part of any online experience. Fundamentally, IP addresses are unique online identifiers. Every computer has its own IP address through which it communicates with other computers and shares information. This revolutionary communication protocol was invented by Robert Elliot Kahn (Bob Kahn), who is an American electrical engineer, together with Vint Cerf. Though IP addresses are crucial for all web-based activities, many internet users don’t know their computers’ IP addresses and the importance of knowing it. If you too belong to this league, just keep on reading to understand how you can find out your IP address and why you must know it.   Find your IP address Windows: If you’re using Windows, go to the Start Menu and click on Run. Then type “cmd” in the box and hit the “OK” button. Then type “ipconfig” at the prompt and your IP address’s information will be displayed. Linux: If you have a Linux system, you can find out your IP address at the prompt by typing “ifconfig” into it. Macintosh: If you’re using a Mac system, open up the Terminal program and type “ifconfig” at the prompt and your IP address will be displayed. You can find the Terminal program in Applications, under the Utilities folder. The importance Knowing your IP address would help you in the following ways: Enjoy faster connections: NetBIOS is a program that enables applications on different computers to communicate within a LAN. The process is similar to DNS, where a connection is created by using a computer’s “name” and a sequence of discovery packets. Instead of initiating the process by taking the slower route of typing “\\[computer name]” (san quotes) into an IE (Internet Explorer) Window, you can dodge the NetBIOS or DNS lookup procedure by typing “\\[IP Address]” when you know the direct IP address. Facilitate remote control and administration: From managing IP-based security cameras to controlling your desktop remotely, you […]
firewall of china

China Firewall Tactics: A Massive Crackdown on VPN

With so many sites that are being banned in China, it is not a surprise to see some citizens and foreigners that are living in the country becoming a little more ingenious and find ways to bypass the great China firewall tactics through the use of VPN service. It makes it possible for internet users to get over the firewall and still be able to access sites that are not deemed accessible by the government. But to has been learned though that come February of next year, the country is going to force telecommunication companies to block access to individuals to VPN. Of course, it should be noted that VPN users are already considered as illegal in the country. It is quite notable how the government has decided to escalate their enforcement by actually getting the ISPs to block them. It s going to be a fact that it will become so much harder for the residents to get away for the clutches of the firewall at is presently blanketing the country. It should be noted though that when to comes to corporations, access to these services should be retained. But there is a very high chance that they have to be licensed by the government. In a technological perspective, it is not really clear how the ban is going to work. It is easy for telecom companies to ban the access to the ports that are being used by the VPN services. But there are workarounds to this though. For instance, servers that are hosted privately are likely to pop up which would mean that they will be a lot harder to take down. It is likely that this will target those that are easily accessible. This is the same case with how Netflix has actually managed to prevent usage of most VPNs that are many people are using to try and skirt around the restrictions put on certain geographical content. While it may require […]
Web Browsing History Without Your Permission-Is It True

Web Browsing History Without Your Permission-Is It True?

There are many reasons why companies and individuals, as well as strangers, may want to track down what you do on the internet. In fact, many companies will pay web service providers to help them know your browsing history online. It is important to know how to prevent this from happening we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should care about being tracked online and also help you to prevent that from happening Reasons why you should keep your browsing history confidential; Personal info is valuable Do not underestimate your value. In fact, the personal data collected online from various social apps or sites can be used illegally and you may get involved in crime unknowingly. In addition, such info may be given to companies or individuals, who may, in turn, use it for their selfish gains Reputation risk. There are many people who have had their reputation damaged online due to the unauthorized tracking of their web browsing history including their social apps accounts such as Facebook, Instagram o even twitter. There is so much info found regarding you in such social apps and this can be used maliciously to actually damage your reputation 3. Safety and security risk Through web browsing history, one can easily tell your location, plans, and whereabouts and this can, in turn, be used to cause damage to you or family. In businesses, there is the financial risk as well. It is, therefore, important that one gets to know how to avoid such risks because as we have seen, this can cause both loss of life and financial loss as well. The good news though is that you can avoid being tracked online regardless of the browser you are using or even if you are using the mobile phone. In fact, the mobile phone is the latest and through the tips given below, it will be possible to stop tracking of your web history. We […]
The funniest internet privacy fails

The funniest internet privacy fails

Internet privacy is something we all love to be assured of. This is the only way we can be comfortable while indulging in the many good things available on the internet. Privacy fails are situations where the data belonging t o individuals and companies are breached. In this state of affairs, the cyber attack criminals get access to your data and are able to use this data to steal your vital information and sometimes even your money can be stolen. Well, there is some real privacy fails that have happened and there are other kinds of privacy fail hoaxes that sound funny from t he beginning. We shall consider the most epic and other funny privacy fails that are worth our mention. Snapchat and the disappearing selfies This company may have misled users to believe that their photos and their video would disappear forever. The company had promised its users that the photos that they took in the form of selfies and their videos would disappear forever within seconds. Well, this was definitely a matter of privacy but it turned out to be a hoax. The company was slapped with sanctions by the US Federal Trade Commission. They admitted that the selfies and the videos stayed on the user’s phones and indeed in the Snapchat servers for an undefined amount of time.  This way, they had breached the security of the users and this definitely was a bad thing and experience for the users. The people who received your videos and snaps could actually preserve them for a long period of time. The company turned into a ghost when asked to account for their privacy failure! Rather, they never turned up when asked by the US Senate to appear before it! The Talking Angela funny, hysterical freak-out This one sounds funny and hysterical, to say the least.  The fact that a company fails to protect its users from hoaxes on security and data breaches is in […]
The Best Antivirus Programs Of 2017

The Best Antivirus Programs Of 2017

What is an antivirus program? Antivirus is computer software that is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Malicious software is any software that is used to disrupt computer operations, collect important and sensitive information, and display unwanted advertising and gain access to the private computer systems without authorization. Every PC needs an antivirus package to keep threats away. One should not depend on the Microsoft Windows defender just because it’s free. This is because its protection is low, usually below 90 percent. Here are the some of the best antivirus programs that you can consider when shopping for protection: Avast Free Antivirus This is the best antivirus software. It protects your PC from different malware and is easy to install. The Avast free antivirus does scan all the installed programs to make sure that they are all good and operatable. It remains free during its entire operation time. It has both the easy and advanced setting and one can choose any of these settings, depending on their needs. The best features of the Avast free antivirus software include configurable scans, friendly interface, larger user community and customizable settings. You can also get software updater, browser cleanup option with the Avast. It is available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Mac OS and Android. The AVG Antivirus Free AVG antivirus is the best choice you can have for virus protection and scanning. It provides you with the best protection against different types of viruses. It also checks your emails and websites to make sure your online activities are protected. This type of antivirus usually does not interfere with or disrupt your operating system. It also has very little effect on the booting process. There are other features that are offered by the AVG free antivirus which includes spying and data theft protection. It is available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Android. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 This type of antivirus is recommended for the multi-year, […]
How to Protect Kid’s Privacy Online

How to Protect Kid’s Privacy Online

It is important to ensure that the privacy of your kids online is protected. There are many cases of crimes committed as a result of online exposure. As such, it is important that the kids are protected from any harm that may result from online interactions. There are two main types of kid’s privacy; Personal privacy; this helps to protect the reputation and basic safety of the kids. It may be at risk if too much info regarding the kid is posted online in the form of pictures, info regarding the location of the kids among others Consumer privacy; this is a risk that may occur when companies collecting data regarding kids exposes such info online. Fortunately, there is a law on children online privacy protection act –COPPA that helps to protect kids below the age of thirteen years. Below are seven ways through which you can enhance the privacy of your kids online. It is good to bear in mind that technology also keeps changing. As such, one must also be willing to change on the various ways through which the kid’s privacy is maintained at all times. Through reviews online and acts regarding children protection, one will be able to learn of effective ways through which one can enhance the privacy of their kids online. Ways through which you can enhance the privacy of your kids online Avoid posting info about kids online In most cases, you will find the parents or even guardians and friends posting the photos of their kids online to various social apps. In some cases, the parents also give info on the location of their kids and activities they are carrying out online. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. Install software to block online tracking You should consider installing software to block online tracking. Kid’s privacy is violated when unauthorized persons are able to track kids’ activities online. There are various ways you can protect […]
Choose Antivirus Software

How to Choose Antivirus Software

Below is a simple guide on how to choose antivirus software. But first, you should understand what an antivirus is and why it is useful to you. What is antivirus? Well, this is software designed to effectively block viruses and any malware on your computer. Viruses and malware can easily corrupt files, data and all other info stored in your computer. This can lead to massive loss especially to companies. One may also install such software on their personal computer in order to protect info and the hardware as well. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you install the antivirus to your computer in order to prevent damage to your data and the computer hardware as a result of viruses or malware. Let us now look at the features of a good antivirus. This will enable you to get the best antivirus that can fully protect your computer. Features of a good antivirus Automatic updates Good software should have automatic updates. If it does not automatically update, then it will be impossible to block new malware and viruses. The way antiviruses work is that they scan viruses and blocks them before you open a file. Secondly, they may also scan the full system to check if there are any new viruses and block them. Basically, the updates should be quicker and frequent so that the antivirus is able to block any new viruses or malware immediately they are detected. Firewall In most computers, this feature is enabled. It helps to filter and scan any web, file or data before one accesses it. As such, any virus or malware detected is easily blocked and as such the computer is protected. Database of previous malware A good antivirus should have a record of all malware and viruses detected in the past. This way, on your computer, it can easily detect such viruses. But it should obviously have automatic updates to detect the new malware as well. With […]
websites collect your personal information

How do websites collect your personal information

It is true that websites do collect personal information and this information does find its way into third parties. Do we need to be wary of the kind of information that we avail to the various websites that we visit? Does visiting certain websites require one to take care of their privacy needs? This, I guess is the right thing to do. It is possible for websites to track individuals based on the websites that they have visited. The websites will know who you are based on the last time you visited such websites and indeed if you are logged into the websites. Well, the websites that track individuals do so for the purpose of advertising. These websites will always try to find out the kind of information or items that you searched for online. They will build up a profile suitable for your needs and this explains the reason why certain adverts keep popping up based on the items that you searched for. Now, how do the various websites collect your personal information? What are some of the procedures that they follow to harvest the kind of info that you share online? When you are aware of how this happens, I guess it is easy for you to be safe as you will take measures to counter the obvious privacy breaches that are possible. Here are some of the ways websites collect personal information about a user: Browsing History There are ways through which the various websites will track your browsing history and use the information they collect about you. Browsing history makes it easy for the companies to provide you with the various adverts that are suitable for you. So, how is this done? If for instance, you have browsed a website about T-shirts, there are other websites that will present you with adverts about t-shirts. This is done through cookies. The websites use tracking cookies that can be stored on your computer. This […]