China Firewall Tactics: A Massive Crackdown on VPN

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With so many sites that are being banned in China, it is not a surprise to see some citizens and foreigners that are living in the country becoming a little more ingenious and find ways to bypass the great China firewall tactics through the use of VPN service. It makes it possible for internet users to get over the firewall and still be able to access sites that are not deemed accessible by the government.

But to has been learned though that come February of next year, the country is going to force telecommunication companies to block access to individuals to VPN. Of course, it should be noted that VPN users are already considered as illegal in the country. It is quite notable how the government has decided to escalate their enforcement by actually getting the ISPs to block them. It s going to be a fact that it will become so much harder for the residents to get away for the clutches of the firewall at is presently blanketing the country.

It should be noted though that when to comes to corporations, access to these services should be retained. But there is a very high chance that they have to be licensed by the government. In a technological perspective, it is not really clear how the ban is going to work. It is easy for telecom companies to ban the access to the ports that are being used by the VPN services. But there are workarounds to this though. For instance, servers that are hosted privately are likely to pop up which would mean that they will be a lot harder to take down.

China-NetflixIt is likely that this will target those that are easily accessible. This is the same case with how Netflix has actually managed to prevent usage of most VPNs that are many people are using to try and skirt around the restrictions put on certain geographical content. While it may require a little work, setting up a VPN client and server and having them configured to get around just about any internet restriction is going to be possible.

It should be noted that this particular move is truly targeted towards those individuals that are trying to skirt the firewall that the country has blanketed its internet users with. It is important to take note of the impact that it is going to have on business too. There are many huge companies these days that rely on their use of VPNs to make sure that remote workers and those traveling employees are given access to the systems of the corporation in a safe and secure manner. The limitation of access to it is going to make it quite onerous to get a VPN set up. This will also make it even difficult for the smaller firms that want to do business in the country to set up.

It should be noted that there are many countries that have had a hand when it comes to blocking access to the internet. They have done so with success but such a varying degree. There is total internet blackout in North Korea. China is taking the approach which is resource intensive and ensures that there is real-time monitoring on a massive level as well.

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