How to Choose Antivirus Software

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Choose Antivirus Software

Below is a simple guide on how to choose antivirus software. But first, you should understand what an antivirus is and why it is useful to you.

What is antivirus?

Well, this is software designed to effectively block viruses and any malware on your computer. Viruses and malware can easily corrupt files, data and all other info stored in your computer. This can lead to massive loss especially to companies. One may also install such software on their personal computer in order to protect info and the hardware as well. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you install the antivirus to your computer in order to prevent damage to your data and the computer hardware as a result of viruses or malware. Let us now look at the features of a good antivirus. This will enable you to get the best antivirus that can fully protect your computer.

Features of a good antivirus

  1. Automatic updates

Good software should have automatic updates. If it does not automatically update, then it will be impossible to block new malware and viruses. The way antiviruses work is that they scan viruses and blocks them before you open a file. Secondly, they may also scan the full system to check if there are any new viruses and block them. Basically, the updates should be quicker and frequent so that the antivirus is able to block any new viruses or malware immediately they are detected.

  1. Firewall

In most computers, this feature is enabled. It helps to filter and scan any web, file or data before one accesses it. As such, any virus or malware detected is easily blocked and as such the computer is protected.

  1. Database of previous malware

A good antivirus should have a record of all malware and viruses detected in the past. This way, on your computer, it can easily detect such viruses. But it should obviously have automatic updates to detect the new malware as well. With such a database, the scans will be effective since the program already has such data and knows what it is looking for. Remember with such a database, the antivirus program can also easily detect any file or data that behaves like malware or virus already stored in the database e and this will easily help to block potential viruses from damaging your computer.

  1. Malware removal

Most antivirus software will easily block viruses and malware but not remove it completely from your computer. But in case the antivirus is not updated on a regular basis, this still poses threat to your data, info in the computer and the hardware as well. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your antivirus has this feature that helps to completely remove any malware detected on your computer.

  1. File shredder

Well, when you delete files from your computer, they do not usually get deleted from the system. They are just made invisible to you. Well, if it is a file infected with a virus or it’s a malware, you need to completely get rid of it by removing it from the system. If an antivirus has this feature then you can easily get rid of such files using this option.

Well having considered those features, you still need to know ways through which you can identify the best of the antivirus options we have in the market. If all the available options have all those features, how do you easily identify the best of them all? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by online users especially those seeking to install an antivirus for the first time. Well, below we have highlighted ways through which you can easily identify a good antivirus

Ways to identify a good antivirus

Carry out an antivirus test

Basically, use the criteria below to test the antivirus. First, you should test for protection. You need an antivirus that can easily block or detect the virus before it causes damage. Secondly, test on performance as well. You obviously do not want an antivirus that completely slows down your system and makes the systems or programs run slowly. This is especially so for corporate PCs. Finally, test on usability. Is it practical to install that particular AV and how much space does it use on your computer? Remember you need to test the AV according to where it will be applied i.e. if you are choosing AV for mobile internet, business use or home user. If you test a few options, then it will be possible to choose the best antivirus appropriate for you.

Reviews on antivirus by experts

Well, expert reviews will basically aim at giving users ideas of the features of the different software available. Watch out for info regarding malware blocking, privacy protection, and phishing detection as well. It is also important to be keen on malicious URL blocking and any other additional features of the antivirus that may be mentioned in the review. This makes it easier for you to compare the various options you have and make the right decision.

Check out the user opinions and reviews

This can easily help you know if a product is good or bad. In fact, by checking out the antivirus user reviews of specific software you can get first-hand info regarding the particular software you want to install. You may easily gather such info from social sites such as Quora, cyber security forums, and through the various search engines. Reddit also will enable you to get opinions of users online. Alternatively, you may use the independent reviews platform such as Trustpilot in order to get user reviews. In addition, at the various sites of the antivirus developers’ page, you can also get reviews by the users but many people find it hard to trust such reviews.


Well, if you watch out for the features discussed above and also through the three ways listed below, it will be easier to find an appropriate antivirus for your phone, laptop or your computer. You may either choose to install the free antivirus software or the paid one. But for better protection, especially for corporates, it is good to install the paid antivirus as it offers more protection and does not slow your system. There is a list of the best antivirus 2017

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