How to Protect Kid’s Privacy Online

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How to Protect Kid’s Privacy Online

It is important to ensure that the privacy of your kids online is protected. There are many cases of crimes committed as a result of online exposure. As such, it is important that the kids are protected from any harm that may result from online interactions. There are two main types of kid’s privacy;

  • Personal privacy; this helps to protect the reputation and basic safety of the kids. It may be at risk if too much info regarding the kid is posted online in the form of pictures, info regarding the location of the kids among others
  • Consumer privacy; this is a risk that may occur when companies collecting data regarding kids exposes such info online. Fortunately, there is a law on children online privacy protection act –COPPA that helps to protect kids below the age of thirteen years.

Below are seven ways through which you can enhance the privacy of your kids online. It is good to bear in mind that technology also keeps changing. As such, one must also be willing to change on the various ways through which the kid’s privacy is maintained at all times. Through reviews online and acts regarding children protection, one will be able to learn of effective ways through which one can enhance the privacy of their kids online.

Ways through which you can enhance the privacy of your kids online

  1. Avoid posting info about kids online

In most cases, you will find the parents or even guardians and friends posting the photos of their kids online to various social apps. In some cases, the parents also give info on the location of their kids and activities they are carrying out online. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

  1. Install software to block online tracking

You should consider installing software to block online tracking. Kid’s privacy is violated when unauthorized persons are able to track kids’ activities online. There are various ways you can protect online tracking. Simple procedures such as installing ad block or changing cookie settings and turning off referees can help to prevent tracking of your kid’s online activities you may also install add-ons that block trackers online or even disconnect among other tools that usually help to block tracking.

  1. Kids should use safe search engine

This is especially so when doing homework or even searching for appropriate games online. Discourage the kids from using the Google as it tracks and stores data. There are various search engines online that do not store data. You know, if data regarding the kid’s search preference is stored, the kids’ activities, location and other info regarding them can easily be tracked.

  1. Privacy preference settings

This is very important. It is good to ensure that kids avoid giving info regarding their location, especially when you signing on to an email inbox or social apps. As much as possible, they should also block the option of automatic posts by social media especially Facebook. Remember to ensure that you kids know the importance of reading terms and conditions and though it may not be possible to read through the term and conditions, they should at least read the basics to avoid giving out important info regarding them.

  1. Good online behavior

You should start training your kids on good online behavior early enough. Let them know the impact of a photo or any comment that they post and that when info is posted online it is not possible to control whom such info is reposted too. Again, let them learn the principle of, if they cannot do something face to face then they should not do it online either. If for example, they do not talk to strangers or exchange contacts and location with strangers, the same rule should apply online.

  1. Accompany kids online

It is true that in some cases, the kids may actually do stuff online without supervision. But in that case, ensure that the Wi-Fi at home has a code and either of the parents or guardians only knows the password. As such, it will be possible to know when the kids are online. Again, go through their devices and check out the new apps installed. If you are not familiar with the apps or sites visited, then you can do more research on the same to ensure that the apps or sites are safe.

  1. As much as possible, encourage the kids to apply offline standards to the online world as well.

As parents, the same case should also apply to you. If for example, you do not go about telling strangers your location, where your kids go to school or when you are hosting parties for your kids, then even in the online world, the same rule should apply. Instil such standards when the kids are still small and even when they grow up, they will stick by the rules.

  1. Teach the kids to grant fewer access permissions online

In installing apps or signing up in any social media, there are many requests to grant permission Most people and kids do not read through such requests and easily click on allow. This is one way through which info about you or even the kids can be tracked. As much as possible ensure that your kids learn how to avoid granting permission to sites or apps that may potentially put their privacy or security at risk. If the kids learn that early, then it will be possible for them to practice that even as adults.

  1. Finally Set Boundaries

Let the kids know that there are boundaries on what they should and can do online. This should constantly be instilled in them. Just like you instill discipline in the normal world, the same case should apply online. Let the kids know that they can consult with you anytime for advice or clarification. They should also know that you care about them and they should actually come to you in case they have any issues dealing with strangers or any site online.


Online privacy is very important and the parents should do everything possible to ensure that the kid’s privacy online is safeguarded. Through online reviews and forums on kid’s privacy online, you will learn more info on how to ensure that your kids are safe and their info remains private online as well.

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