Web Browsing History Without Your Permission-Is It True?

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Web Browsing History Without Your Permission-Is It True

There are many reasons why companies and individuals, as well as strangers, may want to track down what you do on the internet. In fact, many companies will pay web service providers to help them know your browsing history online. It is important to know how to prevent this from happening we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should care about being tracked online and also help you to prevent that from happening

Reasons why you should keep your browsing history confidential;

  1. Personal info is valuable

Do not underestimate your value. In fact, the personal data collected online from various social apps or sites can be used illegally and you may get involved in crime unknowingly. In addition, such info may be given to companies or individuals, who may, in turn, use it for their selfish gains

  1. Reputation risk.

There are many people who have had their reputation damaged online due to the unauthorized tracking of their web browsing history including their social apps accounts such as Facebook, Instagram o even twitter. There is so much info found regarding you in such social apps and this can be used maliciously to actually damage your reputation

  1. 3. Safety and security risk

Through web browsing history, one can easily tell your location, plans, and whereabouts and this can, in turn, be used to cause damage to you or family. In businesses, there is the financial risk as well. It is, therefore, important that one gets to know how to avoid such risks because as we have seen, this can cause both loss of life and financial loss as well.

The good news though is that you can avoid being tracked online regardless of the browser you are using or even if you are using the mobile phone. In fact, the mobile phone is the latest and through the tips given below, it will be possible to stop tracking of your web history. We are going to look at the various apps and software you need to install in order to prevent tracking of your web history.

How to stop tracking of your web history access without your permission

Adblock plus

As the name suggests, this software will help to mainly block ads that you do not want. Remember in case your web history is tracked, the target companies may access such info and ensure that an ad relevant to you actually pops up whenever you are online. Basically, Adblock plus filters all ads and also ensures that only that data that you have allowed is sent to you in the form of ads.

Do not track plus

As the name suggests, your browsing history is not stored online when you install this app. As such, your personal info will not be used to identify the ads that best suits you depending on your browsing history. As such, you will not get the annoying ads either as email or when browsing various social media or sites.

No script

It helps you to know if you are being tracked online. Basically, in case your email or any info regarding your activities online has to be retained, you have to grant permission. For people who strictly want privacy online, this is one of the software they should install.


Well, most info is stored in cookies while you browse, Ghostery will help to block cookies from storing data. In most social networks, you will find that you are asked to allow cookies to retrieve info. Well, with Ghostery, such info is blocked whether you are browsing online or at various sites. This helps to ensure that your browsing history remains private.

Mobile phones security measures to prevent Unauthorizedbrowsing history access

If you have ever suffered security breach on your phone, then you should consider putting into place mechanism to prevent unauthorized tracking of your phone browsing history. In most cases, you do banking and all the banking info is also stored there. There are private videos and photos in addition to business contacts and info as well as business plans, strategies and secrets as well. You will not appreciate it if a stranger had access to all this info. Well, below are some simple ways to protect your phone.

  • Passwords protect all the apps and important files and also ensure that when not in use it is locked. You are the only one who should have access to the phone. The settings on your phone should be in such a way that when not in use it automatically locks.
  • Install apps that notify you via email in case new software or app is downloaded on your phone. Such apps or software can be used to track your browsing history.
  • Avoid exposing your phone number in social media profiles. You may also opt to turn on the private n browsing either on phone or whenever you are online on your computer so that you are the only one with access to your private browsing history.
  • Finally, set up a Google alert such that anytime your name is mentioned, you get an alert. As such, you can keep track of what is happening regarding Google searches or apps login using your name. It is easy to set up and you will always get an alert via email whenever your name is used online and the site or app at which it was used.

In addition, there are other security measures you can take to ensure that you leave no trace of your browsing history. Let us look at some of the options you have in order to ensure that no one can easily tell what your browsing history has been like.

  • Get rid of flash cookies; Remember when you clear history, the info stored in the flash cookies still remain. If you are at work, the admin can easily track your browsing history. You may get more info regarding ways through which you can clear flash cookies online.
  • Create a batch file to clean everything you should run this file every time after you finish browsing. This will ensure that the flash cookies, cache, and DNS browsing history are cleared.

Learn how to create such batch files online and you will be sure that whenever you browse, all your browsing history is cleared.

If you take such measures, then your browsing history will remain private and no one will be able to access such info online without your permission.

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